Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 reasons why I love my life today:

1. Total jam sessions in the car on the way home from a long day at work
2. Coffee at Starry Night on a cold Fall evening
3. Hobby Lobby Christmas decorations that make my heart smile and my checkbook cringe
4. Warm, cute, stylish sweater coats with toggle buttons
5. Yellow Tail Rose wine.
6. Gossip with a fabulous friend.
7. A stellar performance evaluation at work
8. Planning a weekend phone date with my Baltimore bestie (and looking at creative invites for her wedding)
9. Starting a new book
10. And the best for last: Texting about jam sessions, sexy cops, TV addiction, wine addiction, smut novel covers and anything else we can think of with my best friend


  1. All of those things made me smile while reading them. I really miss Starry Night, I wish there was one down here =(

  2. Nothing can compare to Starry Night! My girlfriends and I used to meet there every Monday night during college, and it holds so many memories for me. I think if I ever leave Fort Collins it will be one of the places I miss the most.

    At least you aren't too far away and can always squeeze in a quick Starry Night trip if you're up visiting friends and family. :-)


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