Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go Twinkies!!

I love baseball. I loved it as a child...and then I hated it...and then I discovered my Red Sox and the Twins and the love affair began all over again. I do, of course, support my Colorado Rockies, but anyone who knows me well knows that my one true love is the Red Sox with the Twins playing mistress on the side. Granted, the Twins certainly do not get my attention quite like the Red Sox do, but they know they're loved.

So, today I'm giving a shout-out to the Twins for their win against Detroit last night, and for their success in winning the AL Central Title!! It was one hell of a game, and I was lucky enough to catch the final inning (12th inning!!) while enjoying dinner with my bestie, which made it all the better (She's from MN and a die-hard fan). The Twins played their final game in the Dome with their whole hearts and it paid off!


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