Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boston day-dreaming...

Today is a Boston-in-the-Fall kind of day in my world...aka, as much as I love Colorado, I'd rather be back in Boston right now.
There was something about the way the air smelled and felt this morning that reminded me of Boston. I really can't describe it other than to say it was cool and crisp, and smelled like Autumn in Boston. It took me back to standing in my uncle's bathroom, putting on my make-up with the window open just enough to fill the room with that deliciously chilly air. Thank goodness for slippers on cold tile floors!
*Boston Commons*

October is my favorite month, and Boston in October is simply beautiful. The trees and bushes look like they've been lit on fire and give the entire city a kind of glow. The streets and highways are lined with red and orange foliage, and every scene around you feels like it could be a postcard. Now, I know I am probably painting a more "perfect-Fall-in-the-city" picture than actually exists, but Boston is one of those ultimate places for me, so in my head, it really is this perfect...just bear with me. :-)

Today, I'd like to start my day off with a steaming cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee (Vanilla Spice, please!), and then hop in the car and head out of the city. I'd like to take roads off of the beaten path, where the cars will be fewer in number and the trees and fallen leaves will get thicker as I go. I want to find a place to pull off, throw on my hiking boots and do a little exploring. I'd inevitably take far too many pictures in my attempt to document the changing of the seasons and the beauty that is an East Coast Autumn. Then, I'd like to head back into Boston, grab a quick lunch with my Uncle and head over to the Library. I want to see what the current displays are, grab a new read (or an old, weathered favorite) off of the shelf and settle into the Reading Room for an hour or two. Nothing screams library like bookshelf-lined walls, barrel-vaulted ceilings and green and brass reading lights...ahh, heaven!

I want to top off my perfect day with lobster ravioli and a glass of cabernet sauvignon at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the North End, and then indulge in a fresh cannoli while wandering through the lively streets of my favorite city neighborhood. I want the perfect Boston day that is circling through my mind right now.


  1. I've never even been to Boston and you are making me want to be there! Sounds like a gorgeous day!

  2. If you ever get the chance to go, take it! Boston is one of my favorite places in the entire world.


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