Friday, December 11, 2009

Another thank you and an award

First and foremost, I want to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my blogs about baby Jake, who have said prayers for him and his family and for all of the lovely, supportive comments. It was a really rough week and I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it was to have everyone's comments to draw strength from. Jakob Locke Talus was laid to rest yesterday afternoon in Minnesota surrounded by friends and family. As I've said before, I have no doubt that he will be forever watchful of his family as he sports his new Angel wings in Heaven. And for the family, now begins their long, painful process of healing, so everyone please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Onto a happier topic: I was tagged for the Happy 101 Award by the lovely Ashley over at Kiwis and Cocktails yesterday! Thank you, Ashley! This absolutely made my day. If you haven't checked out Ashley's blog yet, I highly recommend you do so; she's extremely entertaining, has a husband with an accent and is Mama to an adorable dog! What's not to love?! Hers is definitely a daily must-read for me.

As for the rules to this award (everything has to have rules, doesn't it?), they are sweet and simple:
1. List 10 things that make you happy, and
2. Tag 10 fellow bloggers that brighten your day...
Piece of cake!

My 10 happy things:

1. My parents -- My Mom is my best friend, my #1 confidant, my biggest fan and my reality check (when I need it). My Dad is my protector, my go-to guy for questions that are far out of my realm of expertise, my giant bear hug when I really need it and one of my biggest supporters of sticking to my goals. My parents are my pillar of strength and the best example I've ever seen of what a loving, healthy marriage looks like.

2. Finding the perfect gift for someone. I get giddy like a schoolgirl and cannot wait to see the person's face light up when they open my gift.

3. That feeling after finishing an exceptionally good book when my soul sighs and all I want to do is go back and start from the beginning again!

4. The smell of freshly brewing coffee when I first wake up in the morning.

5. Rainbow sprinkles on frozen yogurt. How can you not feel happy when you're eating something smooth and delicious that is also sprinkled with little rainbow bits?!

6. The 6th floor of the old part of the Denver Art Museum -- I can (and do) literally spend hours just taking in the European Renaissance and 19th century French art pieces that fill this floor. I never fail to feel a sense of peace and awe when I visit this part of the museum. In fact, I have been known to go to the museum specifically to visit the 6th floor and then promptly leave (after a quick stop in the gift shop of course!) without seeing any other exhibits. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for not only instilling in me a love and appreciation of art, but also for the DAM family pass that allows me free visits!

7. Drinking wine while wearing sweats and enjoying deep EJ conversations on the couch. EJ = Erin and Jamie, and our mutual love of wine and sweats, the fact that we are often on the same brain wavelength (scary!) and the amazing conversations I can only have with her make me very happy. I have 2 best friends and this one is pretty freaking awesome.

8. The fact that the other best friend, Corey, (often referred to here as the Baltimore Bestie and also pretty freaking awesome) and her fiance may be moving back to Colorado this summer!!!

9. My apartment. I love that this place is MINE! I love coming home to it, getting to decorate it, not having to share anything in it and proudly showing it off to visiting family and friends.

10. When my parents' neighbor's dog (did you catch all of that?), Lilly Pad, sees me drive up and can hardly contain her excitement until I get out of my car. She comes racing over from her house and just loves on me. It's the best feeling!

My fellow bloggers, whose lives I love to follow, that I'm passing this award onto are (in no particular order):

Brandi at Excess Baggage
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Kaylee at Kisses from Kay
Katie at Love and Peace
Caitlin at Love Life
My darling, B at Real.
Courtney at Starting Out
Lawgirl at Stumbling in Stilettos
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Each and every one of you has a fabulous blog that I enjoy reading and commenting on. Thanks, ladies!


  1. WELL, YOUR kind words about me just made my day! :))
    AND, I LOVE your list!! Loving parents are the best! :)
    Sprinkles and frozen yogurt...yum...I am craving sweets today!
    Lastly, I Love how you are a grammar nazi and can handle reading my blog! hahahahah. I never proof read my typed thoughts before I push Publish! Bad, I know, but I usually just publish when I run out of time and have to go and decide to stop rambling on.
    Sometimes, I go back and read my posts later and I get really embarrassed. Maybe I will work on that in the New Year!

  2. My list took me a little while and I'm not sure why...easily distracted today I guess. :-) I am also craving sweets today and am sad to report that there are no good fro-yo places near me anymore; breaks my heart! I'll have to make due with cookies or something tonight...and then work my ass off. haha! I really only apply my grammar nazi-ness to myself and when I proof-read things for people; I try to just let things go otherwise. Don't worry, I love reading your blog whether it's been proof read or not!

  3. Well earned Erin!!! Thanks for the award!

  4. Aww ty so much for picking me for your awesome award. : D I feel all gooey inside. : D I totally have to agree with number 3! I sometimes forget just how good that feels. Woot! : D

  5. Rainbow sprinkles are amazing!! That is the one topping I always get :)


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