Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reunited At Last!

There is nothing in the world quite like that sense of belonging that comes from time spent with those who know you best (and love you despite yourself). And that is exactly what I got to do this weekend: My 2 best friends in the entire world were both in the same town with me! *gasp* That's right, the Baltimore Bestie (aka Corey) is in town for the holidays and the native Minnesotan currently calling Denver home but ready to fly off for Aussie adventures (aka Jamie) came up for the night! The last time this happened was in August, and while 4 months doesn't seem like a long time, we had been used to seeing each other multiple times in a week, if not daily, so really once every 4 months is practically a lifetime.

(in Denver back in August)

After lots of airline drama, Corey and her wonderful fiance finally made it to Colorado around 4 am Saturday morning, and as of 11:30 she was all mine! I dragged her along on a few errands with me, took her by my parents' place because they love Corey as much as I do and then we went downtown to our favorite coffee place, Starry Night. This is where we used to spend every Monday after classes, just gossiping and chatting away with our closest girlfriends. I still miss those Monday coffees every single week. After sipping on hot chocolate and catching up for over an hour, we moved on to a little last-minute Christmas shopping and then it was pedicure time! Heck yes! Corey went with a lovely, festive reddish-pinkish color and I went with a dark purple...not exactly festive. but still fun. Pedicures are just kind of our thing. We always get them when she comes to town and it's something I look forward to splurging on with her.

(at Lucky Joe's)

Jamie made her appearance after the pedicures and it was just like old times again. After Christmas gifts were exchanged and clothes were changed we headed back downtown to hit up our very favorite spot: Lucky Joe's. Once again, another tradition. This is by far my favorite bar in town, plus it has great food and a lively atmosphere. We gorged ourselves, indulged in a couple drinks, continued with the constant chit-chat and eventually made our way back to my apartment...after a quick stop at the liquor store and Target, of course. Jeans were quickly exchanged for pjs, Jamie played bartender and created some lovely mixed drinks and we settled in to play Partini for the first time. Technically, this game is meant to be played with at least 4 players in order for teams to be established, but we tweaked the rules a tad and had a fabulous time! I highly recommend giving this game a go at your next get-together!

The night ended with a bottle of vodka downed, half a bottle of wine enjoyed, therapuetic tears shed (Jamie's nephew did just pass, and it's only been 4.5 months since we lost our mutual friend, Justin), laughter and reminiscing shared and that comforting sense of a "forever friendship".

Next to nothing beats time spent with these 2 amazing gals, and I cannot describe to you all just how happy I was to have my 2 best friends home again. They are the 2 people who know me best and I cannot imagine my life without them.


  1. Sounds so fun! And I love Partini...we got it last Christmas and have had a lot of fun playing it!

  2. Awww... There's nothing better than long over due get togethers. Glad you guys had so much fun!

  3. aw cute photos, sounds like a wonderful time :)

    would you like to trade blogroll links?

  4. I would love to! :-) Please feel free to add me and I'll do the same (http://erin-cestlavie.blogspot.com). I'm excited to check yours out!

  5. One of the best things about the holidays? Meeting up with besties!! So glad you had a good time. And Partini...hmmm...I think I'm going to have to play this sometime soon!!

    Thanks for finding me - loving your blog!! :)

  6. Aww...this made me want to cry..this was the BEST DAY!!! I just love those days and they always seem to happen with you and Jamie, my last BEST day was our day at the zoo culminating with poor Chloe's naked butt experience! I MISS YOU!


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