Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning

I have my first ever book club meeting tonight and I am very excited! We read The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel and while it wasn't a book I would have normally selected for myself, it was wonderful! It's based on the life of Eastern Jewel, a Chinese princess banished to Japan at a young age by her father. She spent her life seeking the love she never received by carrying on numerous love affairs and constantly searching for a true female friend. Always feeling more like a child of Japan than of China, she attempted to prove her Japanese citizenship by acting as a spy, which eventually led to her imprisonment and death in 1948.

Having never been a part of a book club (despite always wanting to join one), I'm not quite sure how tonight will go, but I'll let everyone know tomorrow. What I do know is that there will be good food, good wine and good company, so I'm sure it'll be a lovely evening.


I'm having a skinny day! I am not a super skinny person, so keep it in context, but I feel good, I look good, I'm well-dressed today and I like it! I've lost roughly 30 pounds in the last year or so, and I always love days when I actually feel like I've lost that weight. Hooray!


That being said, I'm not having a fantastic hair day. I really, really should've conditioned it this morning, but I thought I could go another day or two...apparently not. Oops! Rather than looking nice and soft, it's shouting, "see this frizz? This is from your unhealthy love of your hair dryer and curling iron!" In my defense, I have kind of fine hair that, when conditioned too often, becomes weighed down and limp. Nonetheless, I will obviously be conditioning my hair tomorrow morning and I'm sure we'll be back on good terms then.


I cannot wait for Saturday!! Corey (my Baltimore bestie), Jamie and I are finally getting to hang out! Corey and her fiance are flying into town Friday night and she and I are going to have a girls day on Saturday. This means pedicures...hooray! And, once Jamie gets off of work, she'll be heading to my place and the three of us will be off for dinner, drinks and gossip. It'll be just like senior year of college all over again!


And, because I'm in such a good mood today:

...words to live by...


  1. Good look at your book club!!
    AND congrats on 30 POUNDS LOST!! YOU GO GIRL! :)))

  2. I should do a book club one day...and it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job on weight loss and in the confidence department! I'm proud of you :) Enjoy your sexy day!!!

  3. Amen for skinny days! Since I had my bambino, I've come to cherish them!


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