Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where did the time go?

I cannot believe another year has already flown by! 2009 was certainly a year of ups and downs, and I'm more than ready for a new year to begin. Its time for a fresh start, a new beginning and a clean's time for 2010!

I want to do a 2009 recap and initially considered going month-by-month, but I think it'll be easier to follow Classy in Philadelphia's lead and do more of a listing of the highs and lows of the year.

So, please come along with me as I share my year (in no particular order):

The Highs: My best friend, Jamie, moved back to Denver for a year-long position at The Denver Zoo (January); I officially ended a bad relationship with my less-than-stellar Ex, 2 months after the break-up (February); I visited my Baltimore Bestie, Corey, and her fiance, Matt, for the first time since their move in 2008 (April); My love for history and museums was nurtured with a trip to D.C. (April); I celebrated my one-year anniversary at my beloved job (December); I went to Virginia Beach with 3 wonderful friends (September); Family vacation to Mount Rushmore (May); I bought my first original piece of artwork (December); I celebrated my 23rd birthday with friends, family, dancing and happiness (June); Saw Wicked, and loved it (October); Played hookie in Vail for a day (September); Went hiking with Jamie (April); Lost weight and started living healthier (all year); Incredible visit from Corey and Matt (May); Dancing in Denver with Olivia and Jamie (March); Got a new car (January); Corey came out for a visit (August); Moved into my own apartment (July/August); Went to The Molly Brown House (November); Finally got rid of the Ex *fingers crossed* (December); Corey and Matt got engaged, and I was asked to be Corey's Maid of Honor (July); my parents provided unconditional love and support through everything (all year); Cirque du Soleil (August)...and sooo much more, I'm sure!

The Lows: My car was totaled in an accident (January); My friend Justin died suddenly of heart failure (July); One-year anniversary of the death of a good friend who was killed by a drunk driver (July); Extensive hail damage to my poor car (July); My grandfather passed away (September); Baby Jake died (December); I was unable to attend my grandfather's funeral and am still bothered by this (October); The Ex proved just what kind of person he truly is and refused to pay the $400 in back rent he owes me (April-July); My grandmother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and while it was successfully operated on, still greatly changed her life (November); Great-Aunt Dode passed away (December)...

The highs of 2009 certainly seem to outnumber the lows, but the lows this year were pretty intense. There was a lot of death, which is always heartbreaking, but I certainly think makes a person stronger. And, the numerous battles with the Ex, while being redundant and frustrating taught me a lot about myself and really showed me exactly what I will not stand for in a guy. To say that my standards have been raised is certainly an understatement. I found myself this year more than in any previous year, and for that I will always be grateful! Even though 2009 has not been one of my favorite years, it was a year of growth. I know just how much I've changed in the past year, and I know that it's been noticeable to my friends and family. I do not regret a single choice that I made in 2009, and to me that means it was a successful year. Nonetheless, I am very excited to see what 2010 has in store for me!

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year and a safe and fun New Year's Eve!!


  1. I may copy you and do a's lookin kind of slow at work!!! Plus, I really enjoy recaps myself, and maybe doing one will remind me of all the great things I did!

  2. that's great that the highs outnumber the lows :) i hope you had a wonderful new year's !


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