Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I believe...

I just finished watching the "new" Miracle on 34th Street -- not to be confused with the original black and white version -- and cannot believe that: a) it took me all the way until December 23rd to do so; and b) I had almost forgotten just how much I truly LOVE this movie!!! I think it speaks to the magic that fills the air around Christmas and to the lovely, child-like quality that embodies the holiday (at least for me). It's all about believing, and even though I'm 23 years old, I honestly still believe in Santa and Christmas miracles. I think Christmas reminds people to be selfless and to appreciate the way it feels to give to others. And, of course receiving is fun, but don't you feel giddy when you give someone that perfect gift or when you adopt a child in need for the holidays? I know I do.

And, an added bonus to Miracle on 34th Street is the most perfectly gorgeous traditional house at the very can you not want to call that place your own?

In case I don't make it back to blogland before Christmas, I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas filled with laughter and surrounded by loved ones!


  1. I watched that tonight while finishing up my last minute wrapping. I agree with everything you said, this time of year makes me so sappy.

  2. I watched it tonight too!!! And here's the kicker...neither Tyler or I had ever seen it before! LOVED IT :) New favorite!


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