Friday, February 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday...

Because I feel like blogging again today, but I really don't think anyone needs to read more of my whining about how I'm OCD and apparently a nervous solo-flyer, I thought I'd give the little things we do...'s Fill in the Blank Friday a try:

1. I'm hoping my Valentine's day this year includes East Coast amazingness! Preferably some seafood and a Sam Adams, along with some quirky conversations with my Uncle, whom I'll be visiting in Boston. I'm certainly not complaing about being single this year!

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is (are) used books.

3. I am most proud of how well my parents handle life's curve balls that get thrown at them, and how they always strive to disrupt my life as little as possible with said curve balls.

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be black yoga pants, a soft tee and a cozy cardi!

5. People are often baffling, and therefore, fun to study
(I have a Psych degree so I can't help it).

6. I would rather wander through a city than lay-out on a beach.

7. I love my best friends more than I love used books, coffee and wine combined!


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  2. #5- people watching is fun to do and i would love to do it as a profession lol lucky you!

    #6- my kind of girl.

    i hope your weekend is filled with East Coast Amazingness!!! (samuel adams, yes please!)

  3. I'm with ya on the people are baffling. That's why I became a Psych major too! =)

  4. Fun :) Glad Black Friday isn't a sour note for ya this year - have fun on your trip!!!

  5. black yoga pants are the greatest invention ever!

    thanks for playing along with fill in the blanks and linking up.

    hope you have a lovely week!


  6. I hope you had a wonderful Vday with Some Sam Adams! How is your trip going!?
    I could live in yoga pants- my only pants that dont make me feel fat right now! :) Stretch- gotta love them!
    I would rather wander through a city too! :)


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