Monday, February 1, 2010

January Recap

Today might end up becoming a 2 post kind of day because I want to do a goals recap for January and I'd like to blog about all of the lovely movies I watched this weekend...but I don't have it in me to do both in one giant post.

So, let's start with my January goals recap and see where I stand:

1. Pay all bills on time. So far, so good! I managed to remember to pay my Comcast on the morning it was due, and it was posted to my account so that counts in my book. Rent, utilities, my car payment and Netflix were all paid on time, as well, but that's normal for me. It's really just Comcast and I that butt heads most months. Oh well! I would also like to note that I bought a plane ticket (with a little help from Mom) and paid for my $60 textbook this month without wrecking my budget; this was big for me because my budget is fairly tight!

2. Finish the books I've started. Hasn't really happened. I had about 6 library books that I've had on hold become available this month and they took priority. I have managed to keep up with my reading (for pleasure, book club and school), I just haven't tackled my bookshelf that holds all of my half-read books.

3. Continue to work-out 4-5 times per week. I'm rockin' this one! My magic number has actually been 5 work-outs per week, but only 4 of them are really good ones. Usually the 5th work-out is one that I barely squeeze in at 9 pm after being out with a friend; it's kind of half-assed, but it's still better than not going to the gym at all. And last week, I actually got in 6 good work-outs! Oh yea, I'm patting myself on the back for that one.

4. Call Grammy more. Epic FAIL! I haven't called her once this month and now that I just typed that I'm sure my Catholic guilt will set in and a phone call will made ASAP. I swear, I really do love my grandmother more than just about anyone and miss her terribly, but I hate the phone and am far too talented for my own good at making up excuses. :-(

5. Write to Grandpa and Grandma twice monthly. If you count sending a thank-you note from Christmas, I did meet this goal. But, since I really don't count that, I have to admit that I only wrote to Grandpa once and just kind of hoped he would share it with Grandma.

Wow, I really kind of suck at being a good granddaughter right now. I vow to do better!

6. Keep track of the books I've read. Success!! I joined Goodreads to better track the books I've marked as to-read and have-read, and it's worked! I'm able to keep track of all of my books online, and can still update my hand-written Book Journal when I take the time. I have a system that is working out just swell for me.

(and yes, I found another excuse to create a Library Catalog Card)

Well, I'm looking at about 60% for this month (I did write to G'pa once), which isn't fantastic, but I'll take it. With any luck, February's recap will be better and I'll have met and kept-up with each of these goals by December. I'm perfectly aware of all that I am capable of, I just need to stop allowing myself excuses. haha.


  1. Good job on working out!!!! I feel like the more you go, the easier it is to get in the habit!

  2. Keep up with your goals! I am trying to too!! :-)

  3. I'm still impressed! Notice I didn't ever even give any goals for the new year...makes it easy to succeed! haha!:)

  4. I'd say you're doing an awesome job! :)

  5. I say you are doing pretty good!!
    I mean, you don't want to reach ALL of your 2010 goals in the VERY first month of the year, right?? :)
    Way to go on all the workouts. I was doing so well the first 3 weeks....then last week was bad, very bad.

  6. Yay for keeping track of books. I love keeping a's fun to look back on!


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