Friday, February 12, 2010

An interesting revelation

Tomorrow morning I leave for Boston!! And, while I cannot be more excited to head East, I did have a mini meltdown on the phone with my mom this morning. Nothing serious, just the realization that I pretty much always have an annoying mini meltdown the day before I fly...interesting. I swear, I am not afraid to fly! I'm more afraid to forget something important, plus I get quite nervous when I fly alone. I'll be calmer the day of my flight, but it wont be until the plane is in the air that my pulse slows a bit. I don't get this way when I fly with my friends or family; and considering the fact that I've been flying alone since I was 12 years old, I find all of this to be so strange! I blame my reaction on my control-freak ways. There is something about flying alone that makes me feel like I'm not entirely in control, which always bothers me. Probably because flight delays, other passengers' misshaps and general airport chaos are all things that are completely out of my control, yet these are things that can make flying a pain in the butt! Ack...

So, to help calm my nerves I made a very detailed list of everything I need to pack, both in my suitcase and in my carry-on. I felt instantaneously better after making this list, and after talking it all out with my mom. Thank goodness she knows me so well, or my morning meltdown could've started her day off on the wrong foot.

I've got my suitcase laid out in the guest room and I started gathering up outfits this morning. Getting a little headstart always makes me feel more in control, and therefore so much better! Packing will be a breeze tonight, I plan on checking in online in about an hour so I can get a good seat (and have one less thing to worry about tomorrow) and so long as my hair cooperates in the morning, everything should go smoothly!

And now I feel even better having typed all of this out! Sometimes I just find myself and my reactions to be quite odd.


  1. Hope you have some good books to read while you travel! :)
    I actually LOVE flying alone because I dont have to worry about anyone but myself! Haha. THat sounds selfish, huh? RELAX and enjoy!

  2. Don't feel bad, I always have anxiety before a trip. Cole always knows to expect a meltdown within a few days of a trip that involves flying. Happens every time without fail!!! Hope you have a blast:)

  3. Obviously you have already arrived..but safe travels in the future! :) I don't have travel anxiety..but what helps me in situations such as these Yogi Tea Breathe Deep tea is amazing and easy to throw in a mug and keep you company for awhile on your way to the airport or what not. ;)


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