Friday, February 5, 2010

My apartment is about to be complete: a dining room table has been found!

As I'm sure you all can tell from my lack of posting this week, I haven't been in much of a blogging mood for some reason (I missed WITWW!). Maybe it has to do with how quiet it's been at work, which has in turn put me into a quiet, productive mood, or maybe it has to do with not having a whole lot to share this week...or maybe I've just been too lazy to blog. Haha! Regardless (fyi-"irregardless" is NOT a word) of the reason, I have missed babbling about my life and am happy to report that I'm back!

Does anyone remember when I talked about my hunt for the perfect black, wooden dining room table? Well, I found a table last night! After playing the role of a tight-wad, commitment-phobe for weeks now, I finally decided on a table. It ultimately came down to two tables:

1. A normal height, rectangular, dark brown 5-piece set at American Furniture Warehouse
2. A counter height, rectangular, black 5-piece set at Oak Express

Both tables were lovely, and would fit in my space nicely, but I just wasn't sure which one was the right one for me. Obviously, the black one seemed like the natural choice because it was, duh, black! But, I wasn't too keen on the counter-height style. Don't get me wrong, I love how counter-height tables look, and this one was no exception, but I am not what anyone would describe as a gracefully coordinated gal...a.k.a, I have extreme difficulty scooching counter-height chairs up to the table without feeling like I'm too far away and will end up with half of my food on my lap (ok, a tad exaggeration: I can usually manage to get my food in my mouth even at counter-height tables). Kind of pathetic, I know, but it's the truth.

So, after much debate with myself and asking of my parents' advice (and trying to figure out if the Oak Express sales guy was attempting to flirt with me) and staring into my empty dining room, I made the choice: the normal-height, dark brown table from AFW! I liked how this table looked and I found the chairs to be very comfortable. If it had come in black it would have literally been the perfect table, but the dark brown will look nice in my apartment and will still match my other pieces. Ultimately, the fact that it was normal-height (and cheaper) was really the selling point for me. I don't want to have to struggle just to sit at my table to do homework, audit invoices that I bring home from work with me, or eat my meals. I am very pleased with my choice!

And, because I have such awesome parents, they will be picking the table up for me this afternoon and putting it together in my apartment. If everything goes according to plan, I'll have a new dining room table waiting for me when I get home this evening! Like I said, I have awesome parents. :-)

Once it's all pretty and ready for a photo shoot, I'll make sure to put up some pictures of my new furniture addition (I couldn't find one on, otherwise I wouldn't make y'all wait).


On an entirely different note, does anyone have any fun weekend plans? It is Friday afterall, and I know I am looking forward to this weekend. My Saturday is packed already, but Sunday is all mine...well, mine and whatever homework I manage to procrastinate until then, that is. It should be a lovely weekend. Oh, and tonight I'm going to swoon over Channing Tatum in Dear John with my mom, my friend Chelsae and her mom; it's a double Mother-Daughter date of sorts! I plan on sharing lots of popcorn with my mom and cursing Nicholas Sparks for rarely having a happy ending.


  1. I'm dying to see that movie! Read the book a few weeks ago and was so excited to see the preview... Also recently read "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks and was disgusted to see Miley Cyrus will be in that movie... yuck.

  2. Yey on the table. I can't wait to see pictures. I am so bad at picking out furniture, so I have just avoided it so far!! I am afraid to make an investment in one piece because I am not sure what look I am going for overall.

    I WAS going to see Dear John tomorrow with a friend, but she seemed undecided last night. AND, I just realized it is actually playing at the VERY VERY Small theater right near my work at 6:40 tonight. SO guess what? I am just going solo! haha. I am so impatient. I read the book and I JUST LOVE LOVE CHanning. He is my ultimate celebrity crush. THE ads make the movie look way different from the book, so I am so curious to see what happens!


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