Monday, February 1, 2010

Just your usual afternoon texting between besties...

Me: You better still be in MN on fri bc you should have mail
Jamie: Oh I sure will be! :) :) Is it a pony?
Me: It is and it was a bitch to package and mail...damn air holes and room for hay and carrots!
Jamie: Oh yay, my dreams have come true!!! You put a 50g water jug in there too, right?
Me: Shit! so, keep your fingers crossed that this pony is half camel and stores water. :-) it was a tad lumpy, now that i think about it.
Jamie: Is its name sally? If so, we might be lucky.
Me: ...once again, we lucked out: she looked like a sally to me...sally the apaloosa-camel hybrid!
Jamie: Ooh I can't wait to meet her on friday!!
Please tell me someone else has conversations like this with her best friend...


  1. LOL I don't but that's hilarious. DO NOT tell me you live in Minnesota? Or at least away from Minneapolis otherwise I feel ripped off. lol

  2. Gotta love our girlfriends!! :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Gotta love Best Friends :)


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