Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bit of catching up

Things have been busy! Do you ever feel like you plan too much, even though, when you look at it on paper, it doesn't really seem like all that much? Yea, sometimes that's how I feel about my social life. I'm an only child who relishes in her alone time, right? Yet I can have entire months where I have something going on nearly everything single evening. WTF?! So, apparently I am actually a social butterfly who plans, plans and plans until one day she feels overwhelmed by too many people and activities, goes into cranky-bitch mode and then takes some much needed time for herself before starting the process all over again. Yep, that sounds like me!

All kidding aside, I really love doing things with my family and friends, and because I'm a planner, I do like seeing my calendar full of writing...but sometimes I need a break. And this past weekend served as such for me. It was my first weekend since finishing up my Accounting class (I got an surprise A!), the sun was shining, the weather was CO-gorgeous and my pool was open! So, naturally, I spent a lot of time reading by the pool, frying my poor little body to a crisp and lazing about with my coffee. It was wonderful. It felt like summer break and I felt like a student again. My love of reading has been renewed and I once again have a stockpile of books from the Library. Yes sir, feels like summer break to me.

This week has been busy, and I've had some frustrating encounters at work, so needless to say, I am once again ready for a break. A real break, not just a weekend. You know, like a vacation break. And, lucky for me, I get to hop on a plane to Baltimore tomorrow evening and soak up some Chesapeake Bay sun, gossip with my Baltimore Bestie, eat fresh seafood and just RELAX. Hooray for 3 day holiday weekends from work and accumulated comp time. Oh, and, I also get to see Sex and the City 2 with said bestie! She had just moved East when the first SATC came out and we've pouted ever since about not having been able to see it together, so now we're making up for lost time and planning a girl's evening complete with Sex and the City amazingness! I'm pretty sure this weekend will have to involve a cosmo (or two) at some point, don't you think?

Tonight it's dinner with my parents, painting my nails, maybe dragging my butt to the gym (becuase I will be gorging myself on stuffed sopapilla goodness) and hopefully doing a load of laundry. I'm working from home tomorrow in order to put my multi-tasking skills to good use, and then it's off to the airport!

Does anyone else have something fun planned for their Memorial Weekend?

ps- I cried during the LOST finale and am not 100% in love with how they ended it, but that's ok. Still, my Tuesdays seem a little sad and empty now.

pps- I officially have business cards at work...that's right, I'm legit now!


  1. I feel ya on the needing alone time thing. Wait till you're married and you live with someone! There are times I just tell Jeremy I need a few hours by myself and thankfully he understands since he is an only child too!
    Sounds like you are going to have a blast this weekend! Have fun and be safe!

  2. Oh, have a fabulous weekend!! I saw the movie last night. You will have to let me know what you think! :)
    I LOVE my alone time. Andrew just came back from being gone 3 weeks. In only 12 hours of his return: I already went to sit on the toilet this morning and got that yucky feeling of the SEAT being up; I woke up several times last night being pushed off the bed and my sheet being taken from me; was woken up WAy too early. Ha.

  3. Congrats on the cards and I hope you have the best weekend! :) It sounds like it would be amazing and I hope you come home and blog in much detail so I can secretly live a little vicariously through you, because I am doing nothing but working and unpacking my still-filled-with-boxes-everywhere new apartment :(

  4. have fun - safe travels!!! :)

  5. EEK! Have a brilliant weekend, I saw SATC2 last night and I utterly loved it! The shoes, the dresses, the accessories, ooh!


  6. i cried during LOST too!!!
    so much!! haha.




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