Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where in the World Wednesday

It's certainly Spring time in want to know how I can be so sure? Well, let me tell you: it's the middle of May and it's snowing! This is, of course, after having weather in the 70's recently. Those of us who have called Colorado home for quite a while are never shocked by Spring, and even Summer, snow fall, but it's kind of fun to listen to Colorado newbies whine over our unpredictable weather (at first...then, when they still can't seem to wrap their heads around it, it's just annoying). Spring really is horrible in terms of unpredictability, but our proximity to the mountains and the curve ball that they throw into normal weather patterns always keeps us on our toes!

Anyway, snow or no snow, today is Wednesday, which means it's time for Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday. The idea behind this feature is to post a picture of you someplace in the world. It doens't have to be foreign or tropical; just somewhere that you consider traveling, including your hometown or a destination you've only dreamed of visiting.

If you do decide to participate, feel free to use Feris' button and make sure to link back up over at Jess' blog so everyone can travel along with you!
Today, I'm off to:
London, England

I was only 13 when I was lucky enough to visit this amazing city, but my time there has really stuck with me. I love London and everything it has to offer. Unfortunately, sll of my pictures from this trip are in albums at my parents' house, so you'll just have to make due with one off of the internet. I vividly remember stepping onto the sidewalk from the Underground, having no clue where in the city I was, only to look up and find Big Ben towering over me. Added to it was the fact that I was standing right by one of London's quintessential red phone booths. It was, by far, one of the most incredible moments of my life!


  1. Ok, This is funny because people in New England say that NE is known for their unpredictable weather, etc. It was 70-85 degrees last week, and not it is 40 something here today. NO snow though. You do seem to get more snow! :))
    Is London cleaner than Paris!? hah

  2. Can I just say I'm super jealous you've already been to England?!? I'll be amazed if I go there before I die.


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