Friday, March 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's time for this week's Fill in the Blank Friday, hosted by Lauren over at the little things we do... Feel free to participate, or to head on over to Lauren's wonderful blog to see what other bloggers are saying this week.

1. One thing I MUST do before I die is travel abroad with my parents. I especially want to make sure my Mom makes it to Paris someday because she needs to stand in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and have her breath taken away. I want both of them to explore Germany so they can see why I immediately fell in love with the country, the people and the culture. I want my parents to experience the hustle-and-bustle of London and become immersed in that melting-pot city. I want them to be able to take in the cobbled streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon and fall in love with the area's history. I really just want them to be able to experience the amazing things that they've allowed me to experience myself.

2. I would rather see a movie with friends than take out the trash any day.

3. If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be to try to come to some understanding about how my father showed his love, and to not pick so many fights with him. Looking back now, it is very apparent that my father always loved me (and still loves me unconditionally) and tried to show me in his own way, but because it wasn't with outright "I love you's" I didn't get it, and I was hurt. I get it now, and we have a great relationship.

4. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd pay off my school loans, take my parents to Europe, put a lot into savings, put some into my parents' savings, pay off my car, send my parents on a getaway to wherever they wanted to go, buy 2 tickets to Australia for Corey and I to visit Jamie, do some shopping, etc...

5. The best surprise ever was my best friend flying in from Indiana for my 21st birthday.

6. My biggest fault is feeling the need to vent about things over and over and over again, rather than just getting it out of my system the first time and moving on. I can also be too senstive and hold too much of a grudge for my own good.

7. My biggest strength is being able to look on the bright-side. I find myself doing this at work all the time. I may not always be good at applying this trait to my own life, but if someone is venting/complaining/etc to me, I can usually find the positive in all of the negative.


  1. Love it! Take me along with your parents to Germany hahah I have always wanted to go.... One day!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. i think i adore you even more after your answers. Your first one nearly made me cry. I pray that you do get to take your parents to Europe. WHAT A SWEET ANSWER!! esp. that bit about why your Mom needs to see Paris.

    and what you would wish to tell your younger self? like my own heart. I am SO thankful to be so close to my father now, but it has taken growing up to do just that. A quote i once gave him was this one:

    "It's only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home—it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it."

    - Margaret Truman


  3. oh my gosh. I could have wrote number 3 myself!! Glad you learned...I did too! :)


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