Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Letters

I've seen a lot of bloggers put up posts of little letters, and considering the fact that I often write little letters in my head, I thought I'd try putting a few in writing today

Dear hair dryer,
I cannot believe you actually sparked, causing a little flame to start and therefore making my heart to stop for just a second this morning.
That seems a bit overdramatic don't you think?
Love, Erin

Dear Target,
You and I are already on shakey ground since you stopped carrying 2 of my favorite hair products, so your website had better be wrong when it says that you do not carry my hair dryer in stores...or else!
Love, Erin

Dear Liam Neeson,
You are wonderfully handsome in Rob Roy
and I could stare at you for hours!
I especially like it when you opt to not wear a shirt.
Love, Erin

Dear Skype,
Thank you for allowing Jamie and I to randomly IM each other through out the day so we don't have to save all of our random thoughts for when Colorado and Australian times match up and we're both awake.
Love, Erin

Dear Australia,
Is it really necessary for you to be so far away?
I feel like we could come up with a nice compromise that involves you floating a tad closer.
Love, Erin

Dear Liberty of London Dunclare Black Bowl,
Thank you for matching my existing black and white dishes and for being so affordable that I was able to snatch you up without feeling an ounce of guilt. Your scalloped edges and cheerful yellow interior are a lovely addition to my dinnerware.
Love, Erin


  1. =) This post made me smile. I have quite a few small letters in my head too.

  2. thanks for commenting! love your name too!

    and the hair dryer thing, not cool. i would freak out if it sparked when using it!

  3. hahaha. floating a tad closer! that would be nice, huh? I like this post! :)

  4. SO cute! And heeellooo Liam :) he looks mighty delicious in that picture :).
    I had a pretty downer day today and wandered over to target after I got off work and first I wanted EVERY Liberty of London Dunclare dress and shirt they had and then I wanted the entire lingerie line when I walked to the undie section and THEN I actually got upset when I realized that the Liberty of London Dunclare floral rainboots were for little girls :( People always think I look like a child? Then children's shoes should fit me too!! :)


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