Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let's talk vitamins...

This morning as I was refilling my vitamin holder I felt very much like an old lady...perhaps it's because I use one of those travel pill holders, or perhaps it's because I take 5 pills each day and that seems excessive for a 23 year old. Haha...

So, what do I take, you might ask:

1. Flaxseed Oil (2 pills)
2. Folic Acid
3. Women's Daily Vitamin
4. Calcium

The Women's Daily Vitamin and Calcium seem quite self-explanatory. Do we, as females, ever truly get enough calcium from our diet alone? Probably not; and since we're more prone to osteoporosis than males, an increased amount of calcium never hurt. I feel very smart typing this (haha...), but I have to admit that I wouldn't be taking calcium if my mother hadn't encouraged me to do so. Osteoporosis runs in our family and she's right: it's better to start combating it now than when I'm older and it's possibly too late.

Now, the Flaxseed Oil and Folic Acid seem a little odd...I started taking these in highschool to help with some depression that I was battling. Even though I'm a huge proponet of counseling, I'm not a big fan of drugs. Don't get me wrong, their benefits in the right person and right environment can be remarkable, but I, personally, hate taking prescribed drugs of any form. So, this combination worked a bit like a mood stabilizer for me, and I saw the effects almost immediately. While I no longer battle depression, I still take flaxseed and folic acid, in part, as a mood stabilizer, but mostly because both supplements are good for you!

Flaxseed oil contains essential fatty acids (think Omega-3 here, folks) that can help lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease, treat acne, promote healthy hair and nails, etc. It's also a good source of fiber.

Folic acid is typically associated with pregnant women because it's essential in the fetus' brain and spinal cord development. But, it is also essential for the metabolic processes going on in our bodies, specifically in the synthesis of nucleic acids and the formation of heme (iron-carrying component of hemeglobin) in red blood cells. A lack of folic acid often results in anemia.

So, now you know all of my dirty little vitamin secrets, and perhaps feel as though you've just sat through a science lecture.

Do you all take any daily vitamins, or am I the only one who let's out my inner 75 year old woman?


  1. This is a wonderful topic! I think that women for sure should be taking vitamins!! You go girl!!

  2. *warning: tmi :) but I had to switch to a different type of birthcontrol, because I couldn't even take those pills daily. So no..unless my mom pretty much thrusts them down my I don't take any.
    But you just inspired me to go buy a pill pack tomorrow and vitamins, and maybe I'll be better about it. And that flaxseed + folic acid combo is interesting. Did you really see an improvement? At the beginning of the year I was having anxiety trouble and after being stubborn and feeling a little helpless, because it had gotten undeniable difficult to deal with..I let them presrcibe me anti anxiety meds. However, I didn't last more than 2 was awful. So many subtle side effects and my body is finally starting to bounce back..but every once in awhile it comes back..and I've never heard of your combo.. could you enlighten me some more? :)

  3. I take: women's multivitamin, calcium, glucosamine (I have joints of a 95 year old), and during cold season vitamin C and echinecea. So I'm right there with you, surprise surprise ;)

  4. I have one of those pill things too! I take folic acid...and I used to put flax seed oil on food... I had no idea about their benefits on depression. I take calcium because I do NOT like milk. at all. Or yogurt.
    Even with my nifty pill container, I still forget to take my vitamins daily...I need to get better at that! :)

  5. Hello, just taking a break from the kids and I have found some really interesting insights here. Keep up the good work, Erin! :)


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