Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where in the World Wednesday

After missing out on Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday for the past 2 weeks, I certainly am not going to forget today! In fact, I've been thinking about this all week and am quite excited!

As always, the idea behind WITWW is to post a picture of you someplace in the world. It doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical, just somewhere you consider traveling. In fact, it could even be in your own hometown! And, as a new twist, you can even post a picture or two of someplace you wish to travel to. Ahhh, the possibilities...

If you do decide to participate, please feel free to use Feris' button, and remember to link back up with Jess so we can all follow each other's travels!

Today I am heading back to Boston to what has been referred by some as my Mecca:

Yep, you heard me, I am a Red Sox fan, and I finally made it to Fenway. It was freezing and windy as all get out this day (definite downside to being in a city on the water) but I was almost too excited to notice. My Uncle kindly let me walk all around the Park (off season, so it was closed) and graciously stopped every few feet so I could take yet another picture. I was in heaven!


    I used to live Very close to the park. Again...hear you go making me all Nostalgic!!
    The University I went to had a coop program (Paid internships) well, a lot of the Criminal Justice kids did their coops as Security at Fenway...Lets just say that had some perks.
    being so close made it easy to get last minute tickets..and the firm I had my coop at had season tickets that I got to use a few times! :)In 2004 alone, I went to 15-20 games at Fenway. :)
    LOVE how you are a Sox fan.

  2. Booooo Sox. Go Phils! :)

    I love that you were so excited for WITWW :)


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