Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After the productivity runs out...

Do you ever have one of those days where, by the time you're leaving work or finishing up with classes, you're completely spent? That was me yesterday. I was my usual bundle of energy for most of the day, and was insanely productive at work, which must've been leftover from my insanely productive last week, but by the time 4:15 rolled around I was TIRED. I didn't want to do anything that required me to expel too much energy.

So, in honor of being tired, but not wanting to just head home, I did some lazy wandering through a few stores. First, I met my mom at JoAnn's Fabrics where we were on the hunt for just the right cotton knit to add to a dress that I bought this past weekend. I bought the comfiest maxi dress at Old Navy (for only $11!!) in a lovely shade of royal blue, but the low V-neck in the front and back (nobody needs to see my bra closure) needed a little work. Now, I have a chest that is proportionate with my body and I like it, but I swear my boobs don't like each other. They each do their own thing, regardless of what type of bra I wear, and because of this I am a tad self-conscious. Granted, most of this is probably in my head, but whatever...it's my hang up so let's all just roll with it. Obviously, I could easily just wear a cami and call it good, but Mom offered to help me find some fun fabric and just sew a little into the front and back of the dress so I don't have to wear a cami if I don't want to. I was sold! Anyway, we found some fun yellow fabric that will really pop off of the blue and add just the right amount of pizzazz to this uber-comfy dress! I can't wait to wear it!

After JoAnn's I meandered over to Hobby Lobby on the hunt for a wire hanging basket of some sort. I want to create my own outdoor chandelier of sorts for my patio, and in order to do this, I need just the right wire basket. I found a pretty rectangular wire basket on clearance that may just work, but I need to see if the size is big enough for my space (my patio isn't huge, but it can handle a fairly good sized "chandelier") and I'd like a 2nd or 3rd opinion on it. We shall see if my thinking was correct yesterday, or if I was totally off my rocker.

And finally, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Hobby Lobby is TJ Maxx, so naturally, I had to stop in. I wasn't on the hunt for anything here; I mostly just wanted to wander a bit. I have a thing for kitchen supplies, so you can normally find me in the aisles containing bakeware and serving platters, most likely picking up everything because I feel the need to touch whatever it is that I'm interested in. I restrained myself from too much platter fondling, but I did spend an unnecessarily long amount of time in the coffee and tea and aisle...2 of my favorite beverages. After smelling just about every flavored coffee they had (I was specifically looking for Paramount's Southern Pecan, but they were out) I finally settled on Mudslide; a tasty drink that smelled good in coffee form. I also hummed and hawed over several teas, but opted for just the coffee this time around, which didn't disappoint when I brewed a cup later that night.

I topped off my night with a fairly good workout, an amazing salad with tilapia, my book and I watched Life Unexpected and Gossip Girl, both of which were good last night! Not too bad for a Monday...


  1. I MISEED Life Unexpected last night. Tell me what happened. I probably forgot to set the DVR too..and The CW does not put their shows on line for a week or 2! I WAS exhausted yesterday too, but had to go to my parents for Dinner (because my Aunt and Uncle and cousin were visiting from out of state and I didnt get around to seeing them over the weekend). I was a tired lifeless bundle of...well, not joy...and I missed all my Monday night TV! :(
    LOVE that dress. I wore a pink maxi dress all weekend that I got cheap at TJ max last year..I need to go to old navy stat.

  2. Alright. First off - LOVE the dress. My mom and I were in there awhile back and she got the cutest maxi! Then she treated me to one of the bikini cover ups..love my mamacita :).
    And any evening that includes Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, TJ Max AND your mommy..gets 5 stars.


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