Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just a little update:

I did end up getting a dryer and I absolutely, 100%, cannot fight the inevitable, need to reorganize my pantry. I have a shelving unit that used to just chill on the pantry floor next to my trash can, but it's too long for the space now. I hate taking out the trash, so an under-the-sink trash can isn't a realistic option for me, which means I either need to get a smaller shelf and condense my crap or just bite the bullet and go through my pantry. I have stuff that I know I can get rid of, and I can do a better job of organizing what I do want/need to keep. Doing this would free up some space that I could most likely use for the items from my shelving unit.

Honestly, I'm leaning towards getting a smaller shelving unit because I like have the additional storage space. I am a mother's daughter and I keep my pantry well-stocked. I like the comfort of knowing that I always have random meals available, there's always something to snack on and if, heaven forbid, I ever get snowed in, I certainly wont starve! Having a shelving unit would allow me a little extra space on my pantry shelves.

So, we shall see what I decide to do. Whatever it is, I need to figure it out soon because my shelving unit is just hanging out in my dining room for now and it really doesn't go with the decor. Haha...

I am doing my first load of laundry in my new washer and so far everything is going well! Next, the dryer...

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  1. I want a pantry! I kept some food right outside my kitchen on a shelf in the garage...until winter (it is not heated) and it would have froze.
    Eh, Now I just buy less and dont have things on hand. I found a great place to make a pantry. I will add that to my wish list! :)


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