Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bridal Shower Snapshots

On Monday night, my mom and I went to my friend Heidi's Bridal Shower. Heidi and I have been friends since 2nd grade, and our Mothers are wonderful friends and work-out buddies. Heidi and her fiance, Jacob, will be getting married in a small ceremony in Washington state, so this shower was a nice way for us non-wedding-attending locals to get to celebrate with Heidi. We drank wine, ate fabulous homemade desserts (Heidi's mom is an incredible baker) and enjoyed ourselves. Rather than babble on and on about gifts and shower themes I thought I'd just throw out some photos.

Congrats to Heidi and Jacob!

(the lovely Bride-to-Be)

(amazing peach cobbler)

(T-shirt quilt made by Heidi's Mom from Heidi's favorite tees over the years)

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  1. I LOVE those Tshirt quilts. My friend's mom made her one out of all her old sports jerseys! It was really neat.
    Yum, Peach cobbler!! I want some! :)


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