Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lucile's Creole Cafe

Going out to breakfast is one of my favorite indulges. I've always loved going out for brekky, although I'm not quite sure why. It probably has something to do with excessive amounts of coffee and gorging myself on heavenly food to the point where I don't need to eat again until dessert that night...yea, I wasn't kidding when I called it an indulgence.

My favorite place in my town is called Lucile's Creole Cafe. It's housed in a small, old yellow home in Old Town and is always packed. If you have personal space issues, Lucile's might not be the palce for you; but, personally, I love the tight squeeze between tables, the mismatched linens, the noise of fellow eaters and the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. It's fun to be around so much life, especially when you're a morning person like me. Plus, it certainly doesn't hurt that the food is incredible! Everything has a cajun flare and I've yet to have a bad dish: eggs with potatoes and avocado; cheesy grits; the most to.die.for biscuits ever; caramel french toast; lightly fried eggplant with poached eggs and hollandaise; rainbow trout, anyone? And the list goes on and! Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! And, did I mention the tasty, strong coffee and the spicy homemade tea? Oh yea!

The patio is packed in the summer, but nothing beats getting up early on a snowy morning, bundling up to meet friends at Lucile's and chatting over hot chai and plates piled with food while snowflakes gather on the trees surrounding the restaurant. It's obviously love.

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  1. From the outside it looks like the little crepe place in dowtown Breckenridge! :) It's so cute!! Is this in Ft Collins? That looks soo yummy! :)


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