Monday, July 26, 2010

This is my Colorado

I had a very quiet, low-key, slightly hermit-like weekend, but I did get out for a gorgeous hike with my good friend Chelsae on Saturday morning. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, and while I am more than happy to set out on a solo hike, it's nice to have a friend to enjoy the scenery with.

Devil's Backbone Open Space is one of my favorite places around here for a nice, quick hike. It's less than 30 minutes away from my apartment, far enough removed from the city of Loveland to feel like you're truly out in nature and it's free! Plus, it's truly gorgeous and you can make it as difficult or easy of an adventure as you want.

I picked Chels up early and off we went! It was grey and overcast when we started out, which was actually nice because it kept the temperature down, but as we hiked the sun started to peak its way out from behind the clouds and by the time we reached our turn-around point we were both hot and sweaty (signs of a good hike if you ask me). The sky was the bluest of blues, the rock formations jutting out from the ground were a lovely reddish-organge and a faint breeze kept the grasses rustling throughout the morning. We didn't have any encounters with snakes or creepy crawlers, which rates as fabulous in my book, and Chelsae indulged me by not mocking my constant picture-taking. It was pretty quiet when we started our hike, but by the time we were heading back to the car, the place was lively with hiking families and mountain bikers.

We completed the morning by treating ourselves to a latte and then headed home to freshen up for the day. It was perfect!

(The Keyhole formation is my favorite!)


  1. oh my gosh- BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Looks like a lovely hike!!

  2. Yes we do! And for good reason. :-)

  3. Someday, i'm going to have to experience your Colorado for myself! these photos are gorgeous!!! i imagine it would be hard for anyone not to believe in God and stand in his beautiful creation...

    okay i'll stop sounding preachy but seriously!!!


    ps. speaking of lattes, i can't wait for our coffee date tomorrow!

  4. Such beautiful pics, looks like lots of fun!

  5. Ooh, Love hermetic weekends that also include morning hikes with beautiful friends followed by lattes... What could be better?


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